Tony took a math quiz last week. There were 80 problems on the quiz and Tony answered 70% of them correctly. How many problems did Tony get correct?Answer: 56(not a question but just trying to help) :)

Accepted Solution

Answer:56 problemsStep-by-step explanation:So we already know that the answer is: 56. However, a good help is knowing how to obtain this answer from the data provided. Tony's quiz had 80 questions Tony correctly answered 70% of them. We can always write a percentage amount as a ratio by dividing the amount by 100. [tex]70\% = \frac{70}{100} = 0.7[/tex]. This means that for every 100 questions, tony will respond correctly 70. So, if Toni did a questionnaire of n questions, the amount that will answer correctly is calculated by the following expression:[tex]C = n*\frac{70}{100}[/tex]If [tex]n = 80[/tex] then: [tex]C = 80 * \frac{70}{100}\\\\C = 56[/tex]