The Brown Dog Story…


So Good It Will Make Your Mother In Laws Cooking Gourmet.

The Brown Dog Story

The simple things in life are the best – Great food, family, friends, and of course the Labrador!

Fancy food does not have to be stuffy or pretentious. Brown Dog Fancy products are defined by the same characteristics that define our lifestyle: honest, raw, clean, organic, simple, full of flavor, and constantly evolving. We’ve created delicious, next level specialty foods with the laid back feel of a springtime BBQ.

Hi I’m Kyle, and I started Brown Dog Fancy in our tiny kitchen in Stamford, CT. My wife would say “our products were born from spending evenings cooking together in our small space, our two big brown dogs precariously underfoot.” This may sound innocent and all but the truth is competition was at the root of this endeavor from the early beginnings. After many years of cooking as sport, two grills, a smoker, and a love for feeding friends I feel I’ve smoked the competition.

Here’s how it all started… My fiance and I engage in unspoken weeknight dinner cooking competitions, always trying to one up each other. In the constant quest for the weeknight win, I developed countless mustards, rubs, marinades, and barbecue sauces to give me the edge. Soon our friends wised up to the friendly competition, and began dropping by to help determine the daily champion. The mustards began venturing beyond just the dinner table with frequent appearances at neighborhood gatherings, holiday meals, and get togethers. Requests for my creations started pouring in from friends, family, and strangers. After a little fine tuning (and much encouragement), Brown Dog Fancy specialty foods are now available to you all!

Stay Fancy,

Taste is so fine the connoisseur will rave about it, yet so laid back we could only call it Brown Dog Fancy. Stay saucy and check back here frequently for new and improved product offerings.